The importance of updating your WordPress plugins

Most WordPress tabs appear on the dashboard of the admin and therefore, it’s the role of the administrator to carry out updates. However, there are things that go unnoticed and among them is the plugin updates. Whether you have just one plugin or a hundred of them, it is important to update the plugins whenever an update is available. There are several reasons why you should do this.

#1 Security Flaws
Developers of plugins aren’t created equally. There are those who create a flawless code while others don’t. Most developers keep listening to the user’s feedback and at times, flaws can be found. It is for this reason that they continue working on their codes daily. If hackers find out that you are using an old plugin version, you might end up putting your site at risk.

#2 Functions
It is a well-known fact that the WordPress versions are updated after every few weeks. It is possible that you always remember to update your WordPress every time there is an update. But if you don’t do it, you should begin now. When you update your WordPress without updating the plugins, you might end up putting functionality at risk. To ensure that everything is going well, you should update the plugins before the version.

#3 Features
There are times when plugins don’t offer an update due to flaw and function reasons. Instead a developer may choose to add features meant to make life easier for you. Reputable developers provide a documentation sheet on the update before you can go ahead. It is on the documentation where it will be stated what was or wasn’t updated. Most of these features are added as a result of the user feedback.

#4 It’s Fast
If you already have the latest WordPress version, you should be aware that it takes a few seconds to update the plugins. For the lazy individuals, they can be assured that they can update all their plugins with a single click.

#5 Performance
A slow site will not only annoy visitors but it will harm your rankings on the search engines. Though most plugins are fast, there are others that will drag down your website over time. Developers do not realize this when releasing the plugins and often wait to be told so by the community. Therefore, if your website takes a century to load, it could be as a result of a slow plugin.

#6 Spam Attacks
Faulty plugins can be a source of spam attacks particularly if yours is comment related. Updating as plugin isn’t difficult and you can update over 50 plugins in less than 10 minutes. Whenever you see a number next to the update section, avoid ignoring it. This will help keep your website safe.

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