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Getting your website hacked is the worst. Any blogger can relate to situation like this. It’s inconvenient and it makes you look unprofessional to everyone who viewed your site. Mostly it can cost you money to fix what has been damaged. The first thing a blogger might do to recover is to let the world know that the site has been hacked or irony, they would let you know that your site is misleading. That’s really humiliating.

Your blog is still very much vulnerable to malicious attacks and to be really honest, this is quite common in blogosphere. It is important to remember that there is no single definitive indicator or sign that your website has been hacked. At times it will be obvious, but this isn’t always the case. Just because you’re not experiencing any common symptoms does not confirm your website has not been hacked. It is always excellent practice to routinely have security audits to ensure your website is as secure as possible.

Remember, once your website has been hacked, it will remain a spot for future attacks – regardless of security upgrades and preventative measures. Whether an attack is successful or not will heavily depend on preventative measures you take. As a blogger, I do recommend to use WordFence. It is the best way to secure your WordPress website.

Wordfence is the Leading CyberSecurity solution for WordPress. It provides a Complete Anti-Virus and Firewall Package for your WordPress Website including Two Factor Authentication, a Firewall incorporating Machine Learning and Tools to help Recover from a Hack. Wordfence is absolutely free. Simply sign into your WordPress website, then follow the simple steps below.



How to Install and Configure the Plugin called Wordfence:

First you have to open your wordpress site, then go to dashboard.

click on the plugin

click on the “add new” then type the word Wordfence, then click search plugin.

you’ll be given many plugins, make sure to choose the Wordfence Security plugin, then click install now.

there will be a pop up message, saying, “Are you sure you want to install this plugin?” click OK

once it’ll be successfully installed, there’s a message saying “Successfully installed the plugin Wordfence Security 3.8.3

then activate that plugin and you can start to use it.


Following these steps means Wordfence is running inside your WordPress website.

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