Basic SEO tips to optimise your WordPress website on Search Engine Result Pages.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. The aim of SEO is to rank your website in the top 10 results of Search Engine Result pages or the SERP.
A few basic SEO tips as mentioned below can help to optimise your website.

Use Keywords to optimise your website on the Search Engine.

Using Keywords in your content and Title Tag, Meta Description and URL highlights the keywords. As shown in the video, Google answers the query, with the information that matches with the keyword search. In this case, the query is answered with a few websites whose content is about “WordPress” and “SEO.”

Have search friendly URL

The URL should be simple with the keyword as this makes your URL search friendly.

Inlinking your content within the website

Linking the content with the similar content on the other pages is called as In linking. Inlinking helps to increase traffic on your website.

301 Redirect to the landing page on your website

Redirect your audience to the landing page of your website if you have an invalid or duplicated content or page.

Add canonicalization on duplicate content on your website

To avoid duplication of content on your website you need to have a canonicalization tag on your duplicated content pointing to the original content on the website. As duplication can confuse google bots which content it should index and trust for passing the link juice.

As seen in the video, when clicked the anchor text “canonicalization” the website redirects you another web page which explains more about the ”canonicalization.

Content of your website

Content is the king of your website. Keep the content on your website fresh and updated by writing a blog or writing an

e-book, it will increase the traffic to your website.

Create an XML Sitemap on your website

Create XML Sitemap for your website, with XML sitemap Google bots, know how many important pages it needs to index and in what order.

AMP plugin 

An AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) plugin helps to increase the speed of your web page on mobile devices.

Thus, using these SEO tips can help you optimise your website with a better rank in search engine results.


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Neha Bhatia is a Melbourne based Digital Marketer and is passionate about innovative marketing strategies, and loves all things to do with Digital Marketing including Content Marketing, SEM and SEO.


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