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10 Most Popular Free Themes

As a blogger, you know what information you want to publish on your blog or website and wrote few articles before but you encounter one issue that makes you rethink your choice. You already install WordPress on it but still you want your site to represent/describe your personality. You may choose the wordpress theme that […]

Newest and Greatest Themes

  Manage your site like never before by using the following newest and greatest themes. Each has countless powerful features that come in packaged. These themes will surely help your website to become as much as simple you want it to be, uniquely beautiful and with touch of a professional. These are the following newest […]

Most Popular Premium Themes

  You may be wondering why on earth you would ever pay for a premium theme. Scenario like this is too often undergo a debate regarding pricing. Some claimed it to be unfair means to monetize an open source project, while there are still others who strongly agree that Premium themes are the best solutions […]

Get Secured with WordFence

Getting your website hacked is the worst. Any blogger can relate to situation like this. It’s inconvenient and it makes you look unprofessional to everyone who viewed your site. Mostly it can cost you money to fix what has been damaged. The first thing a blogger might do to recover is to let the world […]