5 things you should do after WordPress installation

WordPress, is a brilliant blogging platforms these days. People from all walks of life use it to create their personal or business related blogs. There are various reasons why WordPress is popular.  Newbies will look for scripts that are easy to install and nothing offers this opportunity like WordPress: It is possible to install WordPress in less than 5 minutes.

After installation, you will need to set up your blog. Some newbies think that they can post after they have installed WordPress but this is not the case. As a new blogger, you might end up making a mistake that you would regret later. Here are several things that should be done after WordPress installation.

1. Set up Permalinks

Permalinks are an important part of SEO. It is necessary to have a good link structure that has similar or same keywords to the title of your blog instead of having a random post id which can turn out to be completely useless.

2. Enable Akismet Plugin

The purpose of the Aksimet Plugin is to prevent your site or blog from being spammed.  It is installed in your site by default. To set up the Akismet plugin, all you need to do is to, enable it and enter an API key.

3. Install an SEO plugin

If you would like Google to perform quicker and better indexing for your website and blog posts, you will benefit from installing a good SEO plugin early on. This will enable you to work through all your page page elements to have your blog indexed with relevant keywords and titles instead of having it appear in google with a tagline such as ‘Another WordPress weblog’

4. Create up a Robots.txt File

Robots.txt files are important to search engines when they are indexing a website or blog.  Instead of waiting until later so as to set a robot.txt File, you would be better off doing it at the beginning to help got off on the right foot.

5. Setup up Pings

The section known as ‘update services’ is used for updating services or pinging about new posts on your blog. This is found under Settings-Writings and is inside the WordPress admin dashboard. When you choose to use these services, you should be aware that theses services update the websites that are listed in this section each time you update a post. Remember that excess pinging can cause your blog to be marked as spam. This is usually not a problem, however to prevent this from happening, you can install the ‘WordPress Ping Optimizer’ plugin.

If you use these 5 steps, or do you have other ideas about what things to configure after you install WordPress? Either way you will have more success from your WordPress blogging efforts when you configure these options after install. If you are a WordPress newbie or you would like to take your blog to the next level, you may decide to do it your self, you will need to contact a professional assist you with these steps.

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